EM2019WSP06/Pobleme und offene Punkte

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Problems during the development


Despite having enabled the PWM Service of Zephyr there still no PWM Signal in the desired pin. The Solution was editing the pimux.c file of the board.
Check here.

To be done

Straight driving

At first the two motors and wheels were very suboptimal and the drive direction was terrible. It got better with the new motors and wheels but still not a straight driving. At the moment only one PWM Signal control the speed of both motors. Adding another PWM Signal and testing again would do an improvement of the straight driving problem.

Fulfilling the Initial Requirements

At the moment only one delivery service can be done at once, after that the Robot must be place at start point.
For the achievement of more than one delivery, a direction tracking is needed(or maybe track the direction by counting the 90° shaft rotations).
I think that adding another module(IMU) that track for us the direction would be the easiest way to achieve that.